Assembling Guide/Storage Tips

Assembling an Outfit using the Wardrobe System
  • To equip an item cosmetically, drag it from your inventory bag or Shared Wardrobe into the appropriate icon on your character panel (in the "Cosmetic Outfits" tab). Make sure it is in the "cosmetic" slot, and not in the "equipment outfit" slot. Doing the former allows the character to wear the cosmetics, while at the same time keep his/her armor equipped!

  • You can toggle certain cosmetic pieces on and off by clicking the small icons on the bottom-right corner of the piece's slot. 

  • "Bind-on"  items cannot be equipped cosmetically unless bound, and once they are, cannot be resold at the Auction House. If you want to view an item before binding, use the "Dressing Room" key (mine is F11, but you can see which key it is for you by checking the "Key Mapping" in the options menu).
  • Using the Shared Wardrobe lifts all class and level restrictions on armor, giving you complete, creative freedom. It also allows you to equip "bind-on" items without binding them! Dying items that are placed in Shared Wardrobe enable the "Selection Colour" feature, which lets you switch between dyes that you have already used, so you you do not have to dye them multiple times.

Tips on Storage

If you are an avid collector of cosmetics, you are eventually going to find that storage is crucial.

  • Use alternate toons as pack animals. Each character is given over 6 upgrades of storage space, which can be bought by using gold. While this may seem like alot, it fills up fast. More space can be purchased in the Lotro store.
  • Use housing storage for festival cosmetics, if you like.
  • It is wise to buy at least 2 or 3 Shared Storage upgrades. All characters have access to this universal storage feature, and it is a great place to put store-bought items, as well as swapping account-bound items between characters.