Weather & Time

Advice and Tips about the Lotro Time Cycle and Weather

Time in Lotro is broken up into two cycles, with each cycle having five different time blocks. 

Day-Time lasts 1 hour 42 minutes 20 seconds
Dawn = 9 minutes 32 seconds 
Morning = 28 minutes 42 seconds
Noon = 17 minutes 47 seconds
Afternoon = 27 minutes 58 seconds
Dusk = 18 minutes 21 seconds

Night-Time lasts 1 hour 23 minutes 40 seconds
Gloaming = 9 minutes 30 seconds
Evening = 27 minutes 59 seconds
Midnight = 8 minutes 59 seconds
Late Watches = 19 minutes 1 second
Foredawn = 18 minutes 11 seconds

Each time carries it's own photogenic perks, such as lighting. 
Dovanna from the Lotro Stylist has a wonder tutorial on how to use lightning and such to your advantage.

Weather in Middle-Earth varies and even changes with each region. A neat bug that I like to use is the "weather effect bug." It occurs when you swift travel from one region, and the unique weather of that region is transported to the next. Example:

Above: Regular Weather in the Falathlorn Homesteads.
Below: Weather transported from the Edhelion Refuge

It's a nifty little trick if you want something like ominous fog in an otherwise tranquil place, like Rivendell. However, please note that once it activated, the area cannot revert back to regular weather unless you log out and log back in again. 

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