Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvestmath has Begun!

Dress up in your favorite Autumn colors and head down to the Party Tree in the Shire for the yearly Harvestmeth Festival! It's happening from Sep.24 all the way until Oct. 14, so it will give some of us something to do while we wait for Riders of Rohan. Hyme of Cosmetic Lotro has once again provided a list detailing the new cosmetic items that are available. So start saving up those Fall Festival Tokens - there is a ton of terrific stuff to get, as well as the new Harvest-brew Steed! Gah! He's so freakin' cute!

  • Cloak: Cloak of Autumn Nights, not dyed (Harvestmath Reward)
  • Shoulders: Quilted Shoulder Pads, dyed Black (Bree Armor Vendor)
  • Chest: Dress of Autumn Nights, not dyed (Harvestmath Reward)     
Steed: Autumn Fest Horse (top)


  1. Lovely as always Cat. :D

    Last year, the tokens were really easy to obtain, so hopefully, we shall soon have all the new goodies!

  2. I've calculated that a total of 288 tokens are necessary to obtain everything I want this year. Yup, it's going to be a long grind, but totally worth it. Thank God for the Inn League - bartering a Badges of Taste for 3 festival tokens really helps to speed things along.

  3. For some strange reason I seemed to have lost my Autumn Nights dress and cloak, so I had to go get them again :( Oh well, more reason to run through the Burrow, right? :P

    1. Absolutely! Harvestmath is my favorite festival because of the Haunted Burrow :D