Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weatherstock Forever!

Hello all! I sincerely apologize for my recent absence. Real life can often get in the way of my Lotro time - I'm sure many of you can relate. Now that I'm back for the time being, I'd like to extend an invitation to join me at this year's annual Weatherstock concert. Epic music and epic lag abound in this massive player-created event. I look forward to seeing you all there!

My chosen outfit for this event is extremely simple (trust me, with the amount of lag that occurs during Weatherstock, less is definitely more!). I don't play on Landroval except on special occasions, so the bulk of my wardrobe is stuck on Vilya. These pieces are from the Steely Dawn starter pack available on Steam (the Noble Grey Steed I'm riding was also once part of the pack, but is sadly not anymore). They are account bound (available for all toons, across all servers), but cannot be dyed.

Enjoy the outfit, and see you at Weatherstock V!!!

  • All pieces (Tunic/Boots) are from the Steely Dawn Starter Pack available on Steam 

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