Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fields of Gold

As the beta testers begin their run of the Helm's Deep expansion, I have joined the fray in the Shire for the annual Farmer's Faire. This festival is most enjoyable and the tokens needed to purchase any goodies are easy to obtain. Also, Bounder's Tokens are rewarded alongside the festival tokens, which is fantastic because I simply could not find any killing monsters.

While the Steed of Plenty is possibly the most boring steed I've ever seen, the War-Steed caparison dyes very well and is especially splendid in white, which brings out the gold stitching and creates a lovely, ethereal look for my hooved companion.

The only new cosmetic piece I decided to use for this outfit is the Cloak of Plenty. I am not impressed that Turbine has reused the Summerfest robe for the Robe of Plenty. I really hope this is not going to become a pattern, because I consider these robes to be ugly and unflattering. Seriously Turbine, bring back the dresses and tunics please.

  • Head: Fine Elven Circlet, default dye (Lotro Anniversary Embossed Gift Box)
  • Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady's Power, default dye (Lalia's Market)
  • Back: Cloak of Plenty, dyed White (Farmer's Faire)
  • Chest: Sleeveless Summer Dress, dyed White (Summer Festival)
War-Steed: Caparison of Plenty, dyed White (Farmer's Faire)


  1. Very lovely in white! I've used white for my male champion. Looks really classy!

  2. How pretty. :) My minstrel wears an outfit similar to this (same dress but with sleeves). I'm going to be reconsidering the horsie-dress now!