Saturday, July 14, 2012

Riders of Rohan sneak peak

Granted, this is not a cosmetic post -but I had to share this.

Massively Joystiq just recently came out with an article detailing the mount customization we are going to be seeing with the Riders of Rohan expansion, coming out this September. It also gives us more insight on the mounted combat mechanics, as well as additional sneak peaks of the general Rohan landscape.

You can read the article in length here.

I was excited when I first heard Turbine was going to do something new with our mounts - but now that I've actually seen it . . . I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED! This is going to take cosmetics to a whole new level for everyone who enjoys that particular aspect of lotro. Just a couple more months, I keep telling myself :)

Keep up the awesome work, Turbine! Hopefully we'll see more as the weeks go by.


  1. I'm looking forward to this too. "Shut up and take my money, Turbine!" Heh, I hope they get us some nice Race of Man chain-and-plate barding for the warhorses along with the pointy Elven stuff I keep seeing in previews.

  2. I know right? What's cool is we don't even have to buy the expansion to get the mount anyway. Obtaining it is part of the Epic story line - which is free of charge to all players lvl 75+, as is entering Rohan and killing the mobs there. We just won't be able to do any of the normal quests that come with the expansion. Made me feel alot better about not pre-ordering it and instead waiting for it to go 50% off, like Isengard.