Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Mage

As I was strolling through Bree just the other day, I noticed how populated it was with Lore-Masters decked out with long white beards, dingy grey robes, and with some name variation of "Gandalf." I notice this all too often, where people will emulate their favorite character from the Lord of the Rings books or movies by replicating their looks and attributes down to a tee (with the exception of their actual name, which Turbine prohibits  Can't have a dozen actual "Aragorn's" running around everywhere, can we?). This cosmetic preference doesn't bother me in the slightest - actually, I was quite pleasantly amused when Cosmetic Lotro once hosted a fashion contest to see who could dress up the most accurately as a Lotro NPC. I on the other hand, prefer inspiration for my characters that often wander outside the realm of Tolkien. Like, for example, this particular character, who I have dubbed Elmrech the Kind.

Made in the spirit of Ogion, the semi-hermit wizard that takes residence in a delightful series of books called Earth-Sea, written by author Ursula K. Le Guin. It is an underrated book series that has been sadly butchered more than once by the film industry (I thank my spirits I read the books first, otherwise I probably would have snubbed them as trash literature inspiring trashy, made-for-tv movies). Ogion is a quiet, peaceful old man, and skilled in the arts of medicine and animal husbandry, which he draws from his powers as a sorcerer  He has good relations with the folk of his island, particularly the farmers who have him tend to their ill live-stock or ponies.

As you can see, I am trying very hard to bring a bigger variety of models onto The Elven Tailor, since I definitely want to please players of all classes, races, and genders. All of my alts are between lvl 7-20. It's a work in progress, but definitely a progress that is being worked on.

Cosmetics are on a 50% sale this week, so I indulged myself with a new robe and cloak. The cloak is dyeable, but not the robe, unfortunately, which is why I bought it on sale. Normally I avoid purchasing items that cannot be dyed. They both emulate the rugged, nomadic characteristics I particularly love about Lotro. Players are always moving, and never stay put in one place for long - but some are willing to stop and happily help others along the journey. These are the players that make up the heart of the Lotro community.

Enjoy the outfit!

  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the Learned, dyed Black (Rift Cosmetic from Skirmish Camp/Store)
  • Back: Cloak of the Algraig, dyed Black (Lotro Store)
  • Chest: Rugged Adventurers Robe, cannot be dyed (Lotro Store)


  1. Great story. You really brought him to life. :)

  2. Good stuff, yeah a loremaster just feels best as an old Man, IMO.

  3. Love the shoulders; these are a really under-utilized piece in my opinion.