Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lady of Rhûn

We know next to nothing about the countries to the far East of Middle-Earth. Sauron employed a good portion of his army from the land of Rhûn, the homeland of the Easterlings. Tolkien never wrote anything in detail about this part of the world in The Lord of the Rings - what the Easterlings were like at heart or how they lived (except for that the majority of them hated the Free Peoples, which is why they fought with Sauron). Tolkien described their appearances as either dark or yellow skinned, clothed in golden armor of unique design. 

All of these pieces have been sitting at the bottom of my vault for ages and I though I'd dust them off. I particularly love the Wrap of the Turning Leaves because of it's elegant design which is very reminiscent of Greek or Roman antiquity, a style not commonly found in Lotro.  The vibrant reds and golds of this outfit match wonderfully with her dark skin. It is a noble, striking outfit that conveys strength and poise. 


  • Head: Winged Circlet, dyed Red (Skirmish Camp Cosmetics)
  • Back: Wrap of the Turning Leave, dyed Red (Harvestmath Festival Barter Reward)
  • Chest: Exquisite Dress, dyed Red (Yule Festival Gift-Box Reward)

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  1. Oh, that is so awesome. :D
    I had actually screenied someone with that head piece hoping to investigate later... and here it is. Your pictures are so beautiful as always.