Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Little Beast

Ericwise Proudfoot is a mischievous little hobbit - particularly around Yule. He's far less interested in making merry with his friends and more interested in making mayhem where it is most certainly not wanted. 

The fields of Frost Bluff are very often littered with the corpses of broken snowmen. When Ericwise is present in Winter-Home, expect to hear the irked yells of Virgil Greenfield: ("MY SNOWMEN!" "Would someone PLEASE stop that little beast!" "Oi! I'll have you answer to the mayor for this, Ericwise Proudfoot!"). Sadly for the other party-goers of Yule, Ericwise's (annoying, more than anything) menace does not pertain to just wreaking havoc amongst Greenfield's snowmen. 

The hobbit can barely contain his mischief - even in the most polite of company - and simply being good-looking hardly merits a civil response to downright cheeky flirtation ("rather a good slap in the face and a one-way trip out of the theater!"). 

Mabel Mitford should probably start posting armed guards outside of her mushroom tent, because otherwise her hungry Yule patrons are going to have to find an alternate dish to dine on. 

For Ericwise Proudfoot, the mayhem only stops until the pints start being poured! 

Goodness, what a Yule! In spite of a Christmas packed full with family priorities, I managed to collect all of the goodies that were gated behind the 120 quest "More the Merrier" deed. My favorites being the snow-beast shoes - they're so cute! The deed grinding wasn't as difficult as I anticipated it to be - all of the Winter-Home quests took less than 15 minutes to complete, and I only did the 3rd deed tier on one character, so at that rate I was able to get my prizes sooner than I expected.

I hope everyone's holiday was as awesome as mine was! Did everyone get something cool for Christmas? My brother-in-law got me a 1600 turbine point card and I'm still trying to decide what to spend it on. Have a great New Year, everyone - here's to 2013!!!

And please enjoy the outfit!

  • Back: Spiral-Horned Snow-Beast Cloak, dyed White (Yule Sack of Presents)
  • Shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards, dyed Sea Blue (North-Men Armour Hunter Set)
  • Chest: Short Ranger's Robe, dyed Black (Anniversary Gift Box)
  • Gloves: Leijona's Gloves, dyed Black (Lossoth Medium Crafted Amour)
  • Feet: Snow-Beast Boots, dyed White (Yule Festival, requires "More the Merrier" Tier 3 Deed completion)

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  1. Lol! He looks so mischievous. Great story. :D

    I vote for hoarding the 1600 TP and wait for a good sale...