Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mae Govannen! The Elven Tailor wishes all of her readers a Happy (better late than never) New Year!
2012 was a rich year for Lotro; filled with it's equal share of excitement, anticipation, joys, and disappointments. Riders of Rohan at last saw it's debut in September, and we set forth on a (rather shaky and accident-prone) War-Steed to explore one of the most iconic areas of Tolken's universe. We celebrated a 5th Anniversary, revisited the Shire for the new Farmer's Faire Festival, were awed at the magnificence of the Argonath and sweeping plains of Eastern Rohan, recieved a wonderful refurbishment of Bree-Town, and saw a drastic change to the Yule Festival, as well as countless changes made to the character system, and to other systems in-game. 

Observing on a personal level, I have to say this year was sort of a mixed bag to me as a Lotro player. Looking on the bright side, many wonderful cosmetics were handed out through the festivals (my particular favorite being the Summer Festival cosmetics), which inspired me to finally create a blog of my own. Older class-armor sets were also released to the skirmish vendors, including the amazing Barad Guldur sets. On the downside, the war-steed hubbub turned out to be a dim situation for a lot of players (including myself), with the fuss on customizing your war-steed being either too expensive or gated behind repetitive festival deeds. I cannot say which way the pendulum will swing for Lotro in 2013, but I will stay positive and upbeat. 

One of my resolutions is to improve a number of things, including this blog. One change everyone has probably noticed for a while is the clean and more sophisticated layout of the site. This refurbishment also includes a re-editing and tweaking some of my past posts (mostly to correct grammatical errors and to create more detailed paragraphs describing the outfit). I hope everyone likes it, and I would very much appreciate feedback.

Again, I wish everyone a late, but nonetheless Happy New Year, and I look forward to making more outfits for you!

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  1. Good to have resolutions! Don't stress to much though. :)

    I do the same thing with revising grammatical errors from past posts; drives me crazy when I see them... like, how did I miss that the previous read-throughs??

    Have a great 2013.