Monday, March 11, 2013

A Hobbit About Town

Bree is one of the oldest towns in Middle-Earth, having once been part of the now-extinct Kingdom of Cardolan. What better place to spend an afternoon? With all the sights to see, one can easily find amusement and entertainment. And that is exactly what this hobbit is looking for!

The Boar Fountain in the Market Square is a sight to behold!
"Hmmm . . . Apples or Celery?"

"Tell me, good sir, do these gloves appear fetching?'"

"Now where is that auction house?"

"I bid ten silver!"

"Nothing like a pint and a good meal at the Prancing Pony after a long day!"

I have been wanting to do a post containing the newer version of Bree for some time, and the opportunity arrived when Update 10 Part 2 gave us new cosmetic mannequins displaying the minstrel and captain Ost Dunhoth armor sets. These armor sets have become completely obsolete, so I'm very glad they are now being offered as account-bound cosmetic sets. You can purchase these sets using the new Mithril Coin currency  each armor set costs 20 coins, which is an utter steal because (if my math is right) a stack of 100 coins is 850 TP, which means a whole cosmetic set is about 170 TP . . . a regular cosmetic clothing piece from the store is about 190-250 TP, so a whole SET for only 170 TP is an incredible deal. I know a lot of people won't like the idea of spending money on armor that is already available free in-game, but I honestly don't raid often enough to adequately acquire a lot of these pieces, so buying them is just a lot easier.

I hope everyone likes this outfit!

  • Head: Extravagant Festival Hat, dyed Black (Winterhome Quest Reward)
  • Shoulders: Stout Cotton Shoulder Guards, dyed Black (Tier 3 Crafted)
  • Chest:  Voice of the West Robe, dyed Sea Blue (Minstrel Ost Dunhoth Armor Set - In Their Absence/ Cosmetic Mannequins)
  • Gloves: Extravagant Festival Gloves, dyed Black (Winterhome Quest Reward)
  • Leggings: Quilted Leggings, dyed Black (Michael Delving Light Amor Vendor/ Tier 2 Crafted)

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