Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I apologize for my lack of cosmetic posts these past weeks. At last, I find myself with time to make some proper outfits! First and foremost should consist of the newest items that grace this year's Spring Festival. The Lissuin cosmetics are exquisite. When dyed purple, the bright colors reminded me of a Mardi Gras carnival. Coupled with the Lissuin war-steed cosmetics, it comes alive with festivity.

I have been wanting a leafy, elvish war-steed appearance for a very long time. Elf themes are definitely my thing. I'm also very glad Turbine did away with the deed tiers which gated the steeds during the Yule Fest. It was an unnecessary obstacle, and one that  will hopefully stay gone from future events. The only thing I had to do to get my lovely steed this time was stomp shrews and gather flowers - simple, easy, and fun activities, the way a festival should be.

Enjoy the outfit!

  • Head: Helm of the West Tower, cannot be dyed (Classic Skirmish Vendor, Annuminas Heavy)
  • Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, dyed Purple (Mirkwood barter, minstrel)
  • Back: Cloak of the Boar Clan Warrior, dyed Purple (Dunland Quest Reward or Laila's Market)
  • Chest: Lissuin Dress, dyed Purple (Spring Festival Barter Reward, 18 Spring Leaf Tokens)
War-Steed: Lissuin War-Steed set, dyed Purple (Spring Festival reward)

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  1. Oh Cat... that headpiece and shoulders (and cloak and dress) are perfect for your festive Mardi Gras theme! THIS is why you do cosmetic blogging and I do not. lol! Beautiful.