Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Spring 2013

The Spring Festival starts today on the Lotro servers. The theme for the stunningly beautiful steed and cosmetics this year is the Lissuin flower, which according to the Tolkien Gateway is "a fragrant flower of Tol Eressëa, and was said to bring the heart ease. It was one of the types of flowers brought by a ship of the Eldar to Númenor to grace the wedding of Aldarion and Erendis." 

The Lissuin steed is 40 Spring Leaf tokens, and the Lissuin War-Steed caparison and leggings are 20 each. The saddle and halter are bartered from the "flower guy" in the Bree market square (right next to Laila's Market).

Lissuin Robe - 18 Spring Leaf Tokens

Lissuin Dress - 18 Spring Leaf Tokens

Lissuin Cloak - 15 Spring Leaf Tokens

Lissuin Hooded Cloak -  15 Spring Leaf Tokens

Cosmetics from previous Spring Festivals are available as well. 


  1. Nice. You are fast on it! :)

    The Update 11 release notes indicate that the "flower barter guy" in Bree offers the other pieces of the Warsteed cosmetics.

    Enjoy festival!

    1. Thanks, Danania! I was wondering where they were ;)