Friday, September 27, 2013

Soldier of Helm Hammerhand

Today, I went ahead and grabbed myself a copy of Helm's Deep. These are all of the cosmetics and the Steed of the Hammerhand (which has a matching War-steed appearance) that come with the premium edition. Although I love the overall design, NONE of the items are dye-able, which is a complete bummer because I always end up throwing these kinds of cosmetic items away or forgetting about them eventually. However, I love how opulent the shiny amour is on the steed - it truly is a war-worthy mount, and I can definitely see myself charging into battle with it on (Pelennor Fields comes to mind).

 On a less cosmetic-oriented note, I am really excited about this upcoming expansion for the sole reason of seeing Helm's Deep at last!.  My initial fears about it was that Turbine would not be able to truly capture the scope of Helm's Deep, which is considered by many (including me) to be the most memorable battle in The Lord of the Rings. After going through the trailer frame by frame, I'm happy to see that the Hornburg is indeed as big as I hoped it would be. But how will it truly play out for us in the game itself? That remains to be seen. I am also extremely curious (and also a bit nervous) about this character trait overhaul that is also coming with Helm's Deep.

Enjoy the Outfit!

  • Complete Armour Set: Armour of the Hammerhand, cannot be dyed (Helm's Deep Premium Edition)
Steed: Steed of the Hammerhand

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