Thursday, December 5, 2013


I went ahead and got myself an early Christmas present: the Steed of the Withywindle! This is a steed I saw in beta for Riders of Rohan, and have been waiting forever for it to show up in the Lotro store. The steed gets it's name from the river which runs through the Old Forest, and is very fitting for an elf character. I had a lot of fun pairing it with this winter outfit, which is the third submission for my Yule-themed get-ups I plan to showcase throughout this festive, holiday month of December. 

Speaking of Yule, Turbine has announced that the Yuletide festival will launch December 18th and will continue through January 14th. I can't wait to have some snow ball fights in Winterhome, and collect the new goodies!

Enjoy the Outfit and Happy Holidays!

  • Head: Wintery Yule Cap, dyed Rivendell Green (Yule Festival Sack of Presents)
  • Shoulders: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoulder Guards, dyed Red (Tier 5 Crafted or Lotro Store)
  • Back: Elf-Lord's Cloak, dyed Red (Lotro Store)
  • Chest: Lore-keeper's Robe, dyed Rivendell Green (Barad Guldur Lore-Master level 65 set, Classic Skirmish Vendor)
  • Hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag, dyed Red (Dunland Quest Reward)
  • Feet: Reclaimed Nobleman's Shoes, dyed Red (Great River Quest)

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