Thursday, December 19, 2013

Let It Snow

It is Day #2 of the Yule festival, and I have already grabbed all of the new cosmetics items. It is another reskin of the same old robe that has been around since the summer fest, but I'll admit I like this one a lot more than the previous patterns. It has a simple, but lovely snowflake motif with some fur trimmings, and is also dyed a nice shade of blue. I wish we had an actual dye that color. It was difficult to find a shoulder piece that flattered the mesh of the robe - the shoulders of the robe itself are a bit wide, and most of the items I chose ended up running into each other at weird angles, making it a glitchy  mess that ruined the entire look. In the end I chose the Mathom-hunter's Mantle, which is one of those cosmetic items that is extremely versatile - and also looks very practical. 

As far as the steed goes, I really like this one, mostly because of it's shaggy hide. Paired with my hobbit-lass, it's quite an adorable little steed.  I decided not to show off the matching war-steed caparison this time around, mostly because I think it looks like a table cloth when it's dyed any other color. Oh well.

Enjoy the outfit!

  • Head: Hood of the White Tree, dyed White (Laila's Market, or dropped by The Ring-Forge of Orthanc.)
  • Shoulders: Mathom-hunter's Mantle, default dye (Hobbit Presents, also shares look with Shoulders of the Might Verse which can be bartered from the Minstrel Trainer in Moria)
  • Chest: Wintertide Robe, default dye (Yule Festival)
  • Feet: Mathom-hunter's Boots, dyed Evendim Blue (Hobbit Presents)


  1. Very cute outfit. I agree with you about the new steed, I love the shaggy hide ones for cold weather.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Adorable outfit and a very creative use of those shoulders! I've yet to get lucky and win them from the Hobbit Presents!

    Happy Holidays!