Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Free Spirit

At last, I have returned to my beloved Lotro blog after a long break! If time permits, I plan to create many outfits in the weeks to come this summer. 

To start, I decided to create an outfit with my favorite dye color: Sea Blue. This color is absolutely stunning on any piece of clothing or armor, and is particularly beautiful on the regal Elf-Lord's Cloak.It is also the most lovely dye color for the new Spring Festival caparison for the war-steed. I was not particularly impressed with yet another unflattering festival robe, but the war-steed caparison I actually find quite nice. I love the pattern and the embroidered Celtic knots. 

One of my favorite places in Lotro is Evendim. It is a beautiful area, filled with ancient ruins made of white stone, a massive lake, and green fields. That stretch of road leading to city of Annuminas is simply gorgeous, with it's lake-side view and row after row of flower-bearing weeping willows. It is one of my top locales for taking screenshots, and also serves as a place of inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the outfit!

  • Head: Winged Circlet, default dye (Skirmish Camp, Cosmetic Trader)
  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the Westfold, cannot be dyed (Rise of Isengard preorder)
  • Back: Elf-Lord's Cloak, dyed Sea Blue (Lotro Store, can also be purchased in Lalia's Market)
  • Chest: Elegant Dress, dyed Sea Blue (Lotro Store, can also be purchased in Lalia's Market)
War-Steed: Trellis-Weave Caparison, dyed sea blue (Spring Festival 2014)


  1. One of the few times the "horse blanket" actually looks good. Bravo!

  2. I'll admit that sea blue and turquoise seem to be the ideal colors for the new Spring Festival rewards. Any other color? Not so much. But this is a wonderful pairing of a dress-based outfit and war-steed!