Friday, June 6, 2014

The Vale of Imladris

A new steed is now available in the Lotro store: The Steed of Rivendell.
This is steed costs 2995 TP, is 68% speed, is account-wide, and comes with war steed cosmetics.
With an intricate, elvish look, this is an absolutely stunning animal!! I will say it is definitely one of the best designed steeds I've ever seen in Lotro, and easily ranks as one of my top favorites.
The parts of the war steed caparison dyed Ered Luin Blue are the parts which can be dyed. Not featured in this outfit is the Accessory (view it and the rest of the travel mount here). It features an intricate saddle bag with an elven bow and quiver, along with an elven lantern that glows blue and leaves behind a ghostly, smoke effect. 

This steed is amazing and beautiful, and I was very pleased to add it to my collection.
For my clothing, this is my first time using Steel Blue! I really like this dye, with it's greyish-blue hue. I've been experimenting a lot with it lately, so expect to see more outfits utilizing this color in the future!

Enjoy the outfit!

  • Head: Tawarwaith Hat of the Enlightened, dyed Steel Blue (Mirkwood Tier 6 recipe)
  • Shoulders: Noriel's Folly, dyed Steel Blue (Great River Quest)
  • Back: Cloak of the Windsinger, dyed Steel Blue (Lotro Store)
  • Dress: Long-Sleeved Even Dress, dyed Ered Luin Blue (Rivendell Kindred)
Steed Caparison is dyed Ered Luin Blue


  1. As beautiful as that steed is, it's a tad expensive at 2995 TP. If it were 1995 TP, I could justify purchasing it. Regardless, I'm glad that you're enjoying the Steed of Rivendell and that you've made a wonderful outfit to accompany it. Steel blue is certainly a challenging color, but it's fun to use! :)

    1. Yes, it is rather expensive. I suppose the account-wide feature justifies the price tag, but I debated with myself for a while before making the purchase. This seems to be a new steed trend with Turbine - make account-wide steeds named after major locations (remember the Steed of Bree?) and release them every few months.

    2. You can buy it for 1995 TP, but for one character only. Thank you TheElvenTailor, I was disperately looking for some screenshots of this steed! They should show it at least in Laila's Market. I'm going to buy it right now!

  2. Yay! I love it. I noticed you took off the color-mismatched lantern? ;)