Sunday, November 30, 2014

Of The House Beorn

So far from home. Will she ever see it again?

Beornings! I just recently purchased this class/race and I have been enjoying it immensely. It is so different from the other classes, especially the lack of a blue Power bar - rather replaced by an orange Rage bar, which fills as you deal more damage and allows you to transform into a mighty bear.

I love that the Beornings are also essentially a new race. A new face, hair options, and other new features of this class was a much-needed reminder of why I love Lotro so much.

Enjoy the Outfit!!

  • Head:  Ceremonial Helm of the Bulwark, dyed Black (Lalia's Market, Hobbit Preasent)
  • Shoulders: Well-Used Shoulders, dyed Steel Blue (Beorning Class Intro)
  • Chest: Ceremonial Secret of the West Breastplate, dyed Navy Blue (Burgler Ost Dunhoth set)
  • Gloves: Harrow-Glofas, dyed black (Volume III, Book 9, Chapter 3)
  • Leggings: Ceremonial Secret of the West Leggings, dyed Black (Burgler Ost Dunhoth set)
  •  Boots: Ceremonial Secret of the West Boots, default dye (Burgler Ost Dunhoth set)


  1. Such a fierce combination of battle-ready cosmetics :) The shoulders are something I hope to see drop in-game without having to purchase the new class. I fell in love with the intro gear while testing on Bullroarer!

    1. I know, I too was very impressed with the intro gear. And I was just so happy to finally play a changling in Lotro - they are usually my favorite type of character in any game.