Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Swan Dancer

A while ago I made a post about establishing a Tumblr for myself. There are so many wonderful things on that website, especially where the Lotro community is concerned. So many different players, spanning all servers, all sharing their adventures throughout Middle-Earth. And not only do I get to post about fashion, but I also get to show other things like the many mysterious and beautiful (or not so beautiful) places that are in Lotro, unique weapons or items that I earned or found, or even a Tolkien quote that popped into my head while playing. It's an awesome thing, and I am very happy to have decided to create a page for myself.

These pictures are taken directly from my Tumblr. Featuring the amazing Heavy Nadhin Shoulders. The Dol Amroth armor is just fantastic, in every aspect of it's design. The swan motif immediately reminded me of a few classic Lotro cosmetic item - the Winged Circlet, the Gossamer Dress, and the Swan-Cloak. I simply had to create an outfit with these items.  They are so typically Elvish, dyed completely white. Not very creative, but it looks incredible against the golden, ethereal beauty of Lothl√≥rien's morning hours.

Of course, I could never truly abandon my Lotro fashion blog ;)
If all goes smoothly, I can safely say this blog is now on a weekly schedule! YAY!
A new outfit should now be featured every Saturday!
I probably should have done something like this a long time ago. Fact is, I truly was fatigued before, and a little structure is exactly what this blog needed. We all get burned out doing one thing for too long - that was the case with The Elven Tailor and Lotro in general. There were many other factors, but mostly I was just tired. Lotro is a very big, time-consuming mmorpg, and is especially slow if you Solo it (which I do). So I went and played other MMOS like Guild Wars 2 to get a breath of fresh air. Now that I have returned, and there are new things to experience (like Gondor and Beornings), I find my inspiration renewed. Lotro is a fantastic game, and I can't wait to start making outfits again!

Thanks to all my followers who have supported me!

And as always, enjoy the outfit!

  • Head: Winged Circlet, dyed White (Skirmish Cosmetic)
  • Shoulder: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders, default dye (Heavy Dol Amroth Armor Set)
  • Chest: Gossomer Dress, dyed White (Skirmish Cosmetic)
  • Back: Swan-Cloak, dyed White ( Lotro Store)
  • Steed: Prized Galadhrim Steed, (requires kindred with the Galadhrim)

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  1. There really is something to be said about simplicity in both design and coloration. I remember doing something similar a short while ago, except I had used the white Isengard pre-order shoulders instead...but I do like yours. The Heavy Nadhin Shoulders do give this ensemble a better swan-like quality :)