Monday, December 8, 2014

Midnight Frost

The holiday season is once again upon us, and I find myself full in inspiration! This has prompted me to return to my beloved Lotro blog, which I have been neglecting for the past few months. The Beorning class provided not only a source of new fun for me in-game, but also with some new cosmetic pieces! As I sorted through my wardrobe, I noticed how perfectly the Beorning starter gear went with the Wildermore items. Ever since I started outfitting in Lotro, the fur-trimmed clothing remain my top favorite. In fact, Forochel Blues, a winter-themed post by Cosmetic Lotro, was what prompted me to start blogging about Lotro fashion! These pieces just theme so incredibly well with the whole of Middle-Earth, especially when one is traversing the Northern areas, like Forochel. 

Moreover, I am very much enjoying the Beorn class - at the very least, their appearances. My previous post featured my Beorning female with blonde hair, but I have since decided to turn it brown. It just seemed to fit better with her overall appearance.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this outfit! 

  • Head: Worn Hood, dyed Ered Luin Blue ( Beorning Intro Rewards)
  •  Shoulders: Grimbeorn's Shoulders, dyed Ered Luin Blue ( Beorning Intro Rewards)
  • Chest: Wildermore Survivor's Robe, dyed Ered Luin Blue (requires Kindred with People of Wildermore)
  • Hands: Mathom-Hunter's Mitts, dyed Evendim Blue ( Hobbit Present Reward)
  •  Feet: Gardening Boots, dyed Evendim Blue ( Farmer's Faire Reward)
  • Handheld Item: Lantern, ( Farmer's Faire Reward)

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