Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dusk Rider

In the beginning of my adventure through Lotro, I was adamant about collecting everything each area had to offer. I would slave over getting kindred with whichever faction, and scour the land until I had a particular item that I wanted. After a while - specifically in Mirkwood Forest - I decided to let up on the full-force grind. A few items I ended up skipping over were the Exquisite Dress and the Malledhrim steed. Yesterday I went back and finally collected the dress from the Malledhrim vendors of Mirkwood. It's such a lovely cosmetic, and goes perfectly with a variety of pieces.

For this outfit, I also decided to once again showcase the elegant Steed of Rivendell. I love riding this amazing steed across Middle-Earth!

Enjoy the Outfit!

  • Head: Hat of the Concerned Elf, dyed Black (Great River quest reward)
  • Shoulders: Spirited Campaign Pauldrons of the Mark, dyed Black (Tier 8 Crafted)
  • Back: Ceremonal Cloak of the Rescuer, dyed Black (Lotro Store)
  • Chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, dyed Evendim Blue (Kindred with the Malledhrim)


  1. hehe I am a slave to getting rep and doing every deed, finishing every quest, even if I have to come back on my own after my husband is tired of the area. But I have had to stop getting every cosmetic because I keep running out of space for them all! I do like this dress though. I dyed mine green, I think. I tend to dye everything green!

  2. This dress was also one I skipped until the Autumn of 2013, but once I had it, I couldn't stop using it. It certainly is a versatile piece with its large areas of undyeable white and the lovely and brightly dyeable pattern. the blue suits it very well, and in combination with the black pieces, it does make me think of a late evening sky!