Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alone in the Wild

Life on the Lone-Lands can, indeed, be lonesome. Only the most stalwart of beings choose to make this place their home. 

The land is rugged and treacherous. A simple misstep and you can easily find yourself with a broken limb or worse - so tread with care down the steep hills. 

To avoid drawing attention from some malicious orc or beast, it is sometimes better to travel on foot than to ride a mount, for the sake of discretion. 

The gloom of the land can often reach the soul. Playing a tune or singing can help dispel that gloom and bring much needed comfort.

Evidence of some great evil has recently come to the attention of the Free People in the Lone-Lands.  Many are becoming more hostile to outsiders, and distrust settles deep into their hearts

But there is still hope and understanding among some of them, and friendship still holds a small light in the darkness of the evil that fills the land. 

The use of Rift armour has opened up so many cosmetic options to play around with.The awesome ruggedness of this outfit made me think back to the days when I endured the aggravating terrain of the Lone-Lands as a new player. It was just so . . .brown :/ . I was so relieved when I finally finished that area and continued on to the green fields and forests of Evendim. 
Enjoy the outfit!

  • Head: Ceremonial Doom-hunter's Helm, not dyed (Lotro Store and Skirmish Camp)
  • Shoulders: Fated Westfold Assault Shoulder Pads, dyed Dark Green (Tier 7 Crafted)
  • Cloak: Scholar's Cloak, dyed Umber (Tier 2 crafted)
  • Torso: Ceremonial Town-Savers Jacket, dyed Rivendell Green (Lotro Store and Skirmish Camp)
  • Leggings: Ceremonial Town-Saver's Leggings, dyed Rivendell Green (Lotro Store or Skirmish Camp)
  • Gloves: Gloves of the Westfold, not dyed (Isengard Legendary Expansion Pack)
  • Boots: Gwern-Lhopan, dyed Umber (world drop (Isengard))

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  1. Nice looking outfit there. I dig the color scheme and your combination of unrelated pieces to make a leathery outfit befit an adventurer.