Friday, June 22, 2012

A Brave, Gentle Heart

Yarista is a sweet hobbit-lass, but also feisty and adventurous! It would have been the joy of her parents if she had been one of those non-adventure seeking hobbits; content to stay at home and do nice hobbit things like garden and sew. But, alas, that was not meant to be. 

Yarista enjoys roaming the Shire on her loyal pony, Mina. 

And together they seek adventure wherever it may be found!

My hobbit-lass has been wearing this outfit for awhile now. The Spring 2012 cosmetics were absolutely smashing and they are worn all the time on all my toons. 

  • Head: SimbelmynĂ« Circlet, not dyed (Spring Festival)
  • Shoulders: Elven Steal Shoulder Pads, not dyed (Rivendell Heavy Amour-smith vendor)
  • Cloak: Cloak of the Wind-singer, not dyed (Lotro Store)
  • Torso:  SimbelmynĂ« Dress, dyed Sea Blue (Spring Festival)

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