Saturday, October 20, 2012

Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

I adore how buff and compact the war-steeds look. They are said to be designed after the Andalusian,
Carthusian, and Friesian horses, but to me they look more like Belgian Draft horses. I have an aunt who owns one in real life and in spite of their size, they are extremely gentle animals. I actually created this outfit about six months ago, but I've been waiting for the war-steeds to come out before showing it because they seem more fit for freezing weather than the regular travel mounts. 

I have always loved the Misty Mountain area. It has a rockier mountain range than Forochel, not to mention the infamous Goblin Town, which gives it a sense of adventure that never really goes away no matter what level you are.  I come back here often to admire the wonderful, snowy valley. Blizzards are frequent in the North-Eastern part of the Misty Mountains and can obstruct vision quite severely. I nearly drove my steed of the cliff side as we galloped along the narrow path. The overall mechanics of controlling a war-steed are not difficult at all, but it takes a few minutes to get used to. They don't turn on a dime and stopping them requires a bit of button mashing. Still, it's a lot of fun and feels more like a real horse than our regular travel mounts. 

This is one of my favorite outfits so far. It's practical travel wear , and I haven't come across any war-steed quest reward items yet, so the class-steed caparisons have really come in handy. They are awesome to mix and match!

Enjoy the outfit!
  • Head: Raven Festival Mask, dyed Umber (Harvestmath Barter Reward)
  • Shoulder: Fated Westfold Assault Shoulder Pads, dyed Umber (Tier 7 Crafted)
  • Back: Sage's Pack, dyed Umber (Lotro Store)
  • Gloves: Oven Mitts, dyed Umber (Skirmish Camp Cosmetic Vendor)
  • Feet: Steadfast Brushed Assault Shoes, dyed Umber (Tier 7 Crafted)
  • Halter: Rune-Keeper's Halter, dyed Black (Steed of the Rune-Keeper)
  • Caparison: Hunter's Comparison, dyed Black (Steed of the Hunter)
  • Leggings: Hunter's Leggings, dyed Black (Steed of the Hunter)
  • Saddle: Lore-Master's Saddle, not dyed (Steed of the Lore-Master)
  • Gear: Rune-Keeper's Gear, not dyed (Steed of the Rune-Keeper)


  1. Brrr... I can feel the chill in the air while reading your column. Nicely done! :D

  2. I love the outfit. Love the brown colors.

  3. Fine work! The horse cosmetics you used are excellent choices for the setting you took these pictures in. Cold-weather outfits are fun to make, though it's a shame the places where they are most appropriate (read: snowy places) are so limited.
    Maybe we'll get sent to more Northern and mountainous regions in the future. Dale and Erebor, maybe? Ain't like Turbine's afraid to present War of the Ring conflicts out-of-order (e.g. Lorien vs Dol Goldur)

    1. Thank you for you feedback, Iaksones. It would be absolutely amazing if we could see the far Northern places like Erebor and Lake-Town! And it's true, Turbine is not afraid to shy away from the main plot, but I'm also glad that we are back tailing-gating behind the Fellowship.